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Guidelines for Guest Blogs for Organized Curiosity

Organized Curiosity has at its purpose to promote public discussion of how to improve the health system using research data rather than just opinion. It was developed and is run by Patrick McGrath OC, PhD., the Vice President of Research and Innovation at the IWK Health District and Capital District Health Authority in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Guest blogs are welcome and should be about 400-500 words, address some element of the health care system, and be based, at least in part, on research. Blogs are much more informal than scientific papers, so framing a blog in a personal anecdote or observation is often effective. Sources should be referenced via a hyperlink not by a reference list. Pictures or graphics are very useful but must be in the public domain or cleared for use.

A one or two line description of the author of the blog is needed e.g. I am a retired farmer who has always had a special interest the effects of rural depopulation on availability of healthcare.

Ground rules are:

  1. No political partisanship. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid any position taken by a political party but it should not be a political attack or the promotion of a political party.
  2. No attacking of the health system or any individual in the health system, but perfectly OK to point out health system failings.
  3. We will give you feedback on your blog and help you make it more appealing. Final decision on whether to publish guest blogs rests with Dr. McGrath, who is the editor-in-chief of Organized Curiosity.


If you are interested in being a guest blogger, please email Dr. McGrath through this form:

You can also email him at