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Now or Never: Innovation in Health Care

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Health care is changing. There is an impending crisis and if we don’t solve the challenges now, they may become insolvable. It is “now or never” in health care as it is in many other aspects of life in Nova Scotia.

There is need for new approaches. Decisions about health care will be made on the basis of values. That is as it should be. The values should be spelled out but values should guide our decisions.

Unbiased data is the other pillar upon which our health care decisions should be based. Unbiased data is the essence of research. It is only by combining values and research that we can hope to make the right decisions. Research can tell us if we have met our values. For example, if our value is that people of all social classes should have equal access to health care, then we need research to see if we are living up to our values. Moreover, research can show us how to reach our values. Research can show us how to deliver health care fairly to all in the population.

One of my values is that the public should be involved in health care decisions. There is, in my opinion, an inherent wisdom in the population that can only be liberated if values are discussed and research shared.

Consequently a few months ago, I began planning the Now or Never Public Forum on health care. Dr. Danielle Martin, a family physician, Vice-President, Medical Affairs and Health System Solutions at Women’s College Hospital (WCH), as well as a regular commentator on national television. She will give her lecture on Three Big Ideas for the improvement of health care in Canada. Panelists will quiz her. About six hundred people have already signed up for her talk which will be held at Spatz Theatre in Citadel High School.  There are a few spaces left or you can watch it live streamed on the Chronicle Herald website.

Join us and discuss big ideas for health care with your friends and families.

~Dr. Patrick McGrath

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One thought on “Now or Never: Innovation in Health Care

  1. Thank you for your part in last night’s discussion. I am very appreciative to have been able to listen to the intelligent and articulate comments from the keynote speaker and panelists. I wonder, however, if the great capitalists of this nation are inspired, particularly with the ideas of pharmacare and basic wage? I think, we, in Canada, are far more capitalist than we would like to admit. I regularly hear the argument: “I worked for it, I deserve it”. This position is contrary to equitable access regardless of history, relation, or ability to pay. I believe the challenge facing healthcare today is to inspire care. We need to care for each other much more deeply before we can make the leap to the three big ideas.

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